Product Packaging – a rewarding new project!

I’ve been working on product packaging for a wonderful, wholesome product line by HEALing Fields Whole Body Care. Today, I stopped by the shop and got to see all the new soap labels I designed on display!

I’d love to know which design is your favorite – post the name of the one you like the best in the comments!

Woodstock Soap Label

Woodlands Soap Label

Shadow Line Soap Label

Raw Oats & Honey Soap Label

Hamilton Gardener Soap Label

Cape Henlopen Soap Label

Lavage Lavender Soap Label

Citronelle Soap Label

Minthe Soap Label

Rosemary Ginger Soap Label

Oh, I also got to create a Customer Loyalty Card!:

HEALing Fields Whole Body Care Customer Loyalty Card

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My current home and studio is in Peacock Palace located in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. I have a thirst and passion for graphic design, page layout and communications. Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator are my specialties, and I believe I have a special gift for understanding what people are looking for in a design and being able to deliver just that. In addition to practicing yoga, admiring nature and sleeping, entering design contests helps me to stay on my creative tippytoes.
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